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The I Ching was first used by the sages and shamans of ancient China, as a means of providing consultation for the emperors and nobility. The very beginnings of its existence remains a mystery and precedes any historical memory in its antiquity, but it is generally believed that its first author was the legendary sage Fu Hsi or Fu Xi, Chinafirst emperor.

The I Ching is not a means of Fortune Telling, but like the Runes, it may be seen as a practical guide to life. Although written thousands of years ago, its straightforward wisdom is relevant today as it was in ancient China, reflecting the same issues and experiences humanity has been faced with throughout history. Ching translates into Book, and I means Change or Changes, yet at the same time the I also signifies constancy. By this, it reveals the natural laws of the universe and the conundrum present in that within the constant change and interaction of life, the laws remain unchanged and eternal. It is believed that by understanding these fundamental concepts in our daily lives, we are in sync with the universe, enabling us to act with wisdom, allowing the path of our destiny to unfold.

Uses of the I Ching:

The I Ching was used throughout history for divination, but it is also seen as a source of wisdom, reflection, meditation and inspiration for daily life. Some have used it more casually, and some for educational purposes, as Carl Jung did when he was seeking an understanding of the I Ching itself.
People usually consult the I Ching when looking for guidance when faced with problems and decisions, or simply to clarify their thoughts. The readings do require some intuitive work, and as with most oracles, it does not predict the future, but gently points you in the right direction, offering possibilities and fresh perspectives, frequently putting into focus vital aspects that are easily overlooked.

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