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What is Feng shui?

Bring harmony, success and passion in your life. Feng Shui is a powerful way of making a positive change. It is the Chinese term for "wind and water" . A 4,000-year-old system of analyzing and altering the flow of energy in any environment, it brings about desired changes. Feng Shui is based on the premise that every object in our surroundings has an influence on our lives. By altering how energy or "chi" flows around and through your surroundings, you can promote happiness, prosperity and good health, and feel energized, positive, and passionate about life. The easiest way to begin is by transforming your home or workplace. Include some strategically placed elements in your environment. There are numerous objects which have long been recognized for improving the flow of positive chi. By adding a few simple objects and following some basic Feng Shui placement guidelines, your space will look more attractive and you will reap the benefits of a positive and auspicious energy flow. Various live plants as well as objects have been introduced to Feng Shui practice for enhancing positive "chi" and counteracting negative "chi" so that luck, fortune and wealth come your way. The most popular objects and live plants are lucky bamboo, money plants, crystals, coins, and other good fortune symbols.

How can Feng Shui benefit you?

Feng Shui can create an incredibly healthy and prosperous building with a fabulous feel throughout. In fact, when Feng Shui, is done properly and skilfully it can make any environment "better". 

Feng Shui is a very useful tool for helping you select a building (home or office) that's going to be prosperous, healthy and successful... after that, all you have to do is fulfil your end of the bargain!

Feng Shui can guide you to use Interior Design in a way that would enhance harmony, health, prosperity within your home and to avoid misfortunes. In fact, Interior design features can be done in a way that suits your horoscope and your sense of aesthetics - even better!

Feng Shui enables you to plan so that you can take advantage of good influences coming and avoid any negative influences coming (see yearly stars - consultations). For thousands of years the Chinese have used Feng Shui as a planning tool to understand the cyclical changes that go on in life. In this same way it has allowed them to stay more in tune with what's going on.

Feng Shui places the individual into a better harmony with themselves, the environment, the elements of nature and this significantly helps a person to enhance their destiny and opportunity.

Feng Shui is the tool to maximise the potential of any building.

The classical and authentic methods of Feng Shui have the resources and ability to be able to give accurate information on how to fix any building with "Big Feng Shui Problems..."

Feng Shui - The Holistic Approach

The Chinese have always understood that the most important aspect having the largest bearing in the scheme of things is a person's destiny.

Equally, they understand that destiny is not responsible for success alone. They believe that it's the combining of Destiny, Luck, Feng Shui, Virtue and Knowledge that makes us successful.

Finally, in the Chinese approach to Feng Shui, there is a wholistic look at the individual involved - their Destiny, their Luck and the type of influences the person is undergoing.

Evn though Feng Shui can be practiced without Chinese astrology, this is the role and function of Chinese Astrology in a Feng Shui consultation.

Chinese Astrology allows us to form a 'bigger picture' about the person, their Good Fortune (or their Bad Luck) and the Feng Shui of their building.

This is the way we help people with Feng Shui.

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