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Just as radios pick up information from unseen radio waves, the pendulum is a powerful antenna that receives information from the vibrations and energy waves emitted by people, places, thoughts and things.

Noted physicist, Albert Einstein, was known to perform impressive feats with such dowsing tools.  He believed that it had to do with electromagnetism: just as birds migrate following the earth's magnetic field, dowsers react to energies that are unseen and still not fully understood.

Some people say that the pendulum creates a bridge between the logical and intuitive parts of the mind. Some say that the pendulum connects them with a higher power and call it "divining" as the information is believed to come from a divine source. Research by many scientists indicates that the pendulum responds to electromagnetic energy that radiates from everything on Earth.

Pendulum dowsing serves as an accurate divination system. In fact, of all divination systems, the Diamond Pendulum is perhaps the simplest, clearest, fastest and most accurate divination tool available. 

Everyone can benefit from knowing what lies ahead. Pendulums have been used for divination for centuries and are well known for their dowsing ability to locate resources of any kind.

There are unlimited uses for pendulums and many dowsing techniques and applications.

People use pendulum dowsing to:
LOCATE -- water, gold, oil and other minerals; lost objects; missing persons or pets; schools of fish; vacation spots; underground pipes and leaks; faulty equipment and sources of malfunctions; problems in the body, causes or solutions, etc.

Today dowsers also use the pendulum to:
TEST FOR -- allergies; the quality and freshness of food and water; chemicals, pesticides or bacteria in food, etc.

Pendulum dowsing is used often to:
DETERMINE -- compatibility between people, places and things; health of plants and animals; counterfeit or authentic items; honesty or fairness, etc.

Use pendulums to:
CHOOSE -- investments and stocks; careers; relationships; dates; timing; healthful foods, etc.

Pendulum can help you find out about houses, apartments, roommates, employees, used cars, or anything you have in mind. Dowsing techniques include having a list of questions, such as safety, compatibility, price, etc., or holding your pendulum over pictures of your options to help you choose the best one.

Dowsing Sessions at Bliss Holistic Center, Bangalore:
At Bliss, we provide complete dowsing sessions for to help people make better decision, detecting blocks and negative energies, de-stressing and relaxation and energizing the Chakras.The dowsing sessions are conducted on appointment basis and typically lasts for an hour.  Different types of pendulums are used to energize the specifc Chakras and for divination work.
These sessions are often combined with Reiki to enhance the effect.
To take appointments for the dowsing sessions, call 8197520693.

Pendulum dowsing workshop at Bliss Holistic Center, Bangalore:
We also offer workshop in Pendulum dowsing. Check our upcoming workshops to know more about the Pendulum dowsing workshop at Bliss.

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