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You are surrounded by loving and powerful angels who want to assist you in every area of your life. It is no coincidence that these beings of light have become so popular commercially. Our prayers for heavenly assistance are being heard and it is now time for us to accept the responsibility to heal ourselves, our lives, and our world.

The love, joy and peace of our higher self has been concealed by the experiences of this world that have hurt and drained us emotionally and spiritually. Integrating angelic processes alone or with Reiki, can help return us to our natural state of being. In addition to guided meditation, prayer and candle ceremony, some other processes such as Etheric Cord Cutting and White Light Clearing can have such a profound affect that some may feel an immediate increase in energy and peacefulness. As a result, we find that life becomes more fulfilling when we actually feel the love, joy and inner peace that is our true nature.

Through the guidance and energy of Angels, Guides, and the Archangels, healing vibrations are increased. This energy stream helps to release old patterns and heal emotional wounds of the past. Purity, love, and light replace these patterns and allow us to fully "live" our journey.

Angel Readings:

The gut feelings you have, the knowingness, the visions, or the inner voice are all trying to tell you something, and it is very important that you trust and follow this guidance...

We offer channeled, intuitive guidance, and spiritual counseling through Angel readings. These angelic messages assist you in gaining insight and clarity into your most challenging issues by presenting both cause and effect from a broader, more heavenly, perspective.  Angelic guidance helps you discover your own personal path to healing and balance. Often included in your Angel reading is an intuitive, energetic body scan which can reveal blockages on any level (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) that inhibit your growth, creativity, and the ability to manifest your dreams.

Allow these divine angelic messages to lift away your fears and guide you toward a greater inflow of abundance.  Hold strong in faith and gratitude!  Open your heart now and let the angels assist you in every area of your life!

The guidance you receive is always loving and comes from a positive, uplifting perspective. Angelic messages are never fear based, negative or frightening.  You may receive guidance on romance, career, finances, life purpose or health. The angels support you in finding your own inner truth and answers. And many times, an angel reading will confirm something you already know, bringing validation to your own intuitive gifts

Angel Healing:
During an Angel Healing Therapy session we will scan your chakras and intuitively receive information from them. We then call upon your angels and the archangels and assist them in clearing and balancing your chakras.
After we have worked on your chakras we will work with Angel Therapy, cutting cords, removing any blockages that you might have, or any other healing that the angels advise us to do on you.
Angel Therapy is a non-denominational healing method that engages a person’s guardian angels and archangels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of life. Angel Therapy also helps you to more clearly receive Divine Guidance from the angels.
Workshop on Connecting with Your Angels and the Archangels
The Angels and Archangels are trying to call our attention.They want us to know that they are here with us right now, and they want to help us with everything we need in our lives.

It is time for you to get to know more about these celestial beings.

Through this workshop you will learn about:
Who are the Angels, Guardian Angels, and Archangels
How to communicate with them
Exercise to recognize your main channel of communication
How to ask for their help
How to recognize their signs
Who are the 15 Archangels and how to work with them
How to easily receive Divine Guidance
The basics in how to cleanse, prepare and use Angel Oracle Cards
You will practice in class how to give an Angel reading using the Angel Oracle Cards (practice between participants)
You will receive guidance from your Angels
And you will enjoy a beautiful and powerful guided meditation to meet your loving Guardian Angel!

Angel Healing Sessions at Bliss Holistic Center, Bangalore:
At Bliss, we provide complete Angel healing sessions for de-stressing and relaxation and energizing the Chakras,cutting cords, removing any blockages that you might have. The healing sessions are given once a week and typically lasts for an hour. Different types of crystals are used during healing.
Angel Reading Sessions at Bliss Holistic Center, Bangalore:
To take appointments for the Angel Reading sessions, call 8197520693.

These sessions are often combined with Reiki to enhance the power of Healing.
To take appointments for the Angel healing sessions, call 8197520693.

Connecting with Your Angels and the Archangels workshop at Bliss Holistic Center, Bangalore:

Check our upcoming workshops to know more about Connecting with Your Angels and the Archangels workshop at Bliss.


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