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Financial stability? Healthy life? Mental Peace?
All of these and lot more? One day at Bliss can change your life.
Here is what we offer :

Stress Relief Program:

Stress is a natural part of everyday life. Simply defined, stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires the body to adjust or respond. Stress can manifest itself in physical forms such as headache, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, sleeping problems, nervous tension, and anxiety.

In today's fast life almost every has fallen prey to stress. Working people get it while travling to workplace and at workplace. Unknowingly they bring this stress to their home which in turn spoils their relations. Housewifes work through he day and at home and help their kids in studies along with taking out time for their spouse as well. Kids get stressed out due to expectations at institutions.
As a result no one is able to enjoy their life to fullest. But all this could be handled and we can manage a workand life balance with some simple meditation and healing techniques. We offer a wide range for stress relief medatations used by worlds famous therapists. A free medation session is available every saturday for people to feel the difference. Healing sessions are offered for therapies like reiki, pranic healing, crystal healing, ilahinoor, pedulam healing.
Workshops are conducted every weekend to help people become powerful healing sources to heal their stress and various body ailments.

Better health with Bliss:

We offer healing sessions for various ailments. Treatment is suggested after scanning the aura and chakras to find the imbalance and deficency of required elements. As per analysis relevant treatment is offered. Clients are guided with the healing technique throughout the treatment. Scientific studies are increasingly showing the effectiveness of Reiki, pranic healing, crystal therapy in treating and managing various ailments. The best thing is treatment with these therapies is painless and soothing. Not only do we get healed at physical level but emotional and mental levels are also healed. Not to forget that these therapies do not puncture our system with side effects.
Healing forms life Reiki are very safe for kids and Kids respond better that adults during treatment. Along with the treatment we provide simple and affective tips which when added to the lifestyle helps clients to keep away the negativity and blockages in their life.

Workshops at Bliss:

We conduct various workshops to introduce highly effective therapies use by worlds famous therapiest. Our objective is to make people independant healing sources. They can heal themselves once required and help their family and friends as well. Well organized lectures are conducted and course manuals are provided for future referance. Relevant CDs for course material are shared wherever required. Healthy discussions are conducted so that everyone benifits maximum from the workshop. Group healings are conducted to demonstrate the healing process in most effective way. Worshops varying from Reiki healing, aura and chakra sensing and scanning, angel communication, meditation on third eye, space clensing and clearing, crystal healing, ilahinoor therapy, pendulam dowsing, I Ching and Tarot reading are conducted regulary. All courses are tought in simple manner so that these therapies are incorporated in daily life without hastle.

Divination solutions to remove negativity and blockages:

We offer Tarot readings and I Chings reading and dowsing to identify the obstacles preventing people to attain success in their ventures. Feng Shui and Vastu solutions are also provided. It is very important to identify the elements creating blockages in one's life before we start working on the solution. These divination techniques are time tested and highly effective in providing guidance for overall success.

Meditation and guidance to ensure prosperity:

We focus on dedicated meditations to ensure overall prosperity be it success in carrier, success for bussiness ventures, financial stability or finding a suitable job. After intense research and lot of practise we have come up with meditation and divination techniques which are highly effective. Clients are assisted to remove long programs of negativity which they have inherited. Lot of people notice that many time they are almost near to achieve success but somehow it slips out of their hands. Our belief is that everyone deserves to be happy and successful hence we help people to identify what is holding they back in their life. Healings, meditation and divination techniques are used to ensure prosperity.

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